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wireless & battery powered
The most popular lighting used at wedding receptions this year is called UpLighting it refers to the direction the light is projected onto the wall. We place very bright LED uplights around the perimeter of the room shining up on the walls. The lights are pointed up so the corresponding beams of light highlight the wall and project upward toward the ceiling.

*lights can be made any color*

snow machine

winter wonderland
Snow Machines for weddings during the reception and first dance are becoming more prominent these days. Twirl, dip and kiss each other under a elegant snow fall in front of all your family and friends.

tv media package

custom videos on two 50” monitors
Provide your friends and family a stunning visual experience. Share your memories (Pictures & Videos) on Large HD DisplayS.


Bring excitement and fun to your event with the all new salsa photo booth Host your event’s photos in a custom branded gallery!!! instant Sharing TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!!! Text, AIRDROP, or email photos directly to your guests phones INSTANTLY.

custom name in lights

newlyweds name in lights
If there’s one touch that wows people, it’s a monogram projection. Wedding guests are always amazed when they walk into a room and see the bride and grooms name or initials shining in light. Coupled with up-lighting, the effect can be quite dramatic.
*lights can be made any color*

Dancing on the clouds/Cold sparkles

Amazing First Dance Pictures!
Let us transform your first dance into a truly unique memorable experience that you will talk about with your friends and remember forever. We use a professional dry ice effect machine to lower dry ice into very hot water just as your first dance starts. The effect lasts for about 4 minutes. There is no moisture left on the floor and no fog left in the air. This does not set off any smoke or fire detectors.
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